Working Family Network

Working Family Network

The Working Families Network (WFN) is a collaborative that aims to build the capacity of community-based organizations, develop our skills collectively, and implement innovative community strategies that assist low-income individuals to achieve economic mobility.

Currently, the network consists of more than 60 organizations serving low-income Savannah/Chatham County residents. For a listing of those organizations,

Capacity Building

Professional development classes take place in off-months but will not have a set time or date (to provide flexibility when recruiting instructors.)

As part of the building capacity and innovative community strategies portion of our mission statement, we will aim to identify new funding sources that can be approached collectively.

The network participates in a google group to quickly share information about relevant needs, events, and funding opportunities. A database, housed on Step Up’s website, lists all the organizations, their missions, points of contact, services, and social media outlets.

Cost of WFN

We ask our non-profit WFN members to contribute $25 and for-profit WFN members to contribute $100 annually to participate in the WFN.

WFN members receive:

  • Access to professional development sessions
  • Access to WFN listserv
  • Listed on WFN directory
  • Participation in workgroup

Funds from membership are used to support and expand the services of the WFN.