Step Up Savannah promotes economic inclusion and financial security from Chatham County, GA. 

Step Up Savannah believes that Savannah is a community where all people have hope and opportunity, where we challenge injustice and where all community members step up to create a more economically inclusive community.

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WORKFORCE Development 

Developing a skilled and educated workforce to achieve upward mobility for our low-income community

Building Wealth

Promote policies and programs that help low-and moderate-income Savannah families

Advocacy & POLICY

Focuses on local, regional and state issues

Step Up Savannah celebrates the diversity of thought, action, and cultural groups within our community and is committed to equity for all people. We act on our belief that the beloved community journey will be enhanced if it is diverse in nature by actively advocating for and promoting respect and understanding for different cultures, social groups, and experiences. Equity is a core value at Step Up Savannah, where we are committed to diversity and inclusion by honoring experiences, perspectives, and unique identities. Together with our partners, Step Up strives to create and maintain working, service, learning, and collaborative, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming environments.
Chatham Apprentice Program (CAP)
Want a job?
Ready to make a change

CAP helps unemployed and under-employed Chatham County residents find or create career paths that offer family-sustaining wages and opportunities for advancement.