Building Wealth

  1. Bank on Savannah
  2. Financial Education
  3. Life Line Loans
  4. Free Income Tax Preparation

Building Wealth

10% of households in Savannah are unbanked (CFED).

Many of Savannah’s residents living in poverty are low-wage earners working full time; however, they may have damaged credit histories, lack savings or bank accounts, or simply lack the financial literacy skills to build assets.

Step Up works to promote policies and programs that help low-and moderate-income Savannah families become financially secure and build, maintain and protect financial assets such as savings, homeownership and entrepreneurship.

Step Up supports strategies that help families build wealth:

  • Bank on Savannah: a program adopted by the Banking Taskforce to help people without a bank account access free and low-cost checking and savings accounts.
  • Financial Education: Financial education helps individuals by improving their knowledge and skills related to earning, spending, budgeting, saving, and borrowing.
  • Free Income Tax Preparation: “Keep Your Money- You Earned It!”  The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program provides free tax preparation assistance to thousands of families each year.
  • Access to Public Benefits: Step Up and its partners help families to understand and apply for public benefits such as SNAP, Medicaid and PeachCare so that they can make the most of their paychecks.
  • Work Supports: We partner with local employers to connect lower-wage workers to services that help them stretch their paychecks and reach financial goals.