WFN Details

WFN Meetings

The WFN meets bi-monthly on the first Thursday of each month.

  • Thursday, April 4th at 10am – Workforce Development at St. Mary’s Community Center (812 W 36th St.)
  • Thursday, June 6th 11am – TBD
  • Thursday, August 1st 11am – TBD
  • Thursday, October 3rd 11am – TBD
  • Thursday, December 5th 11am – Holiday Party

2018 Goals

Goal 1: Consolidating WFN to Engaged Organizations

  • Implement $25 membership fee
  • Implement topic focused committees with chair
  • Invite key organizations currently not engaged

Goal 2: Engaging the Faith Community

  • Host faith community educational event
  • Implement faith community WFN sub-group
  • Improve communication with faith community

Goal 3: Advocacy

  • Invite policy makers to WFN meeting
  • Present at Commissioner/Council Meetings
  • Actively educate local policy makers (white pages, workgroups, educational sessions, etc.)

Goal 4: Fundraising

  • Implement Business Sponsorships of WFN Meetings
  • Identify grants to fund this work

Goal 5: Capacity Building

  • 4 annual professional development sessions
  • Salary & Benefits Report
  • Better partner with United Way Volunteers and United Way 2-1-1

Goal 6: Communications

  • Storytelling
  • Active WFN Facebook Page for events/job postings/master calendar link
  • Active (moderated) ListServ – resource sharing
  • Comprehensive WFN Directory
  • Google drive with additional resources