Poverty-related Research

Poverty-related Research

State of The South (2014) This is MDC’s flagship publication, published since 1996. It became the mission of MDC, through The State of the South, to paint a clear portrait of the region and spell out critical recommendations for economic and social advancement.

Metropolitan Education and Training Center Presentation (October 2014) The CEO/President of the Metropolitan Education and Training Center discussed the success and history of the center at Step Up Savannah’s 2014 Annual Meeting.

Gentrification Task Force Report (2004). This is a description of the task force report. The Affordable Housing Action Team is working on implementing many of the recommendations from the report.

UGA Affordable Housing Study (2008). The Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia, in 2008 conducted research to accompany the City of Savannah’s Affordable Housing & Regulatory Reform Task Force report.

Affordable Housing & Regulatory Reform Task Force Report (2008). The City of Savannah issued this report in August 2008 calling for a local housing policy and the creation of an affordable housing trust fund in Savannah.

Immigration Enforcement (2010). Immigration Enforcement and Its Impact on Latino Children in The State of Georgia

GAO Debt Settlement Testimony (2010). Testimony Before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, by Gregory D. Kutz, Managing Director Forensic Audits and Special Investigations on the risks posed by fraudulent, abusive, and deceptive practices.

Banking on Opportunity (2011). 2011 report issued by US Treasury Department

Brookings Report: High costs of being poor. Study released by the Brookings Institution called “FROM POVERTY, OPPORTUNITY: Putting the Market to Work for Lower Income Families.” It focuses on the higher costs that many low-income families must pay to get by because of where they live and the lack of mainstream financial services available to them.

CFED Assets and Opportunity Profile: This Assets & Opportunity Profile was created to fuel a local conversation about wealth, poverty and opportunity in Savannah. It contains a data snapshot of the financial security and stability of Savannah residents, and provides an overview of the efforts that the city is supporting to help financially educate, empower and protect residents and enable them to build a more prosperous future.

CFPB Data Point: Payday Lending: This report highlights some of the analysis conducted by CFPB on payday loans with a focus on loan sequences that occur after a new loan is taken out.

GBPI proposes higher minimum wage in Georgia : This report analyzes custom data from the nonpartisan, Washington D.C.-based Economic Policy Institute (EPI) to estimate what happens if Georgia phases in a minimum wage increase to $10.10 per hour from 2016 to 2018.

City Financial Inclusion Efforts: A National Overview highlights the growing commitment of city leaders to address the financial challenges of their residents. The report is a result of NLC‘s in-depth scan of financial inclusion programs in cities across the U.S.Financial Inclusion Report_FINAL_WEB VERSION