Supporting Organizations

Supporting Organizations

What does it mean to be results oriented?

icon-familyAs a convener of organizations and individuals motivated to eliminate poverty, Step Up has long focused on capacity-building in our community. In 2012, it turned to a more structured approach to this work, the “Results Based Accountability” or RBA method.

Developed by Mark Friedman, the RBA approach is described in his book, “Trying Hard is Not Good Enough.” This framework uses data to support and evaluate outcome-based services by posing a simple question—“Is anyone better off?”—as a result of the organization’s actions.

Step Up’s overall objective in its “Results Based Capacity Building Project” is to reduce poverty by reinforcing the effectiveness of local organizations and agencies using a participative and data-based approach. The intent is to strengthen their collaborative effort as well as to improve individual organizational performance.

To this end, Step Up oversees the Working Families Network which acts as a collaborative that builds the capacity of community-based organizations, develops our skills collectively, and implements innovative community strategies that assist low-income individuals to achieve economic mobility.

Step Up also supports neighborhood leadership development through The Neighborhood Leadership Academy at Savannah State University.